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The first thing I should explain is that I don't do packages, as I don't want anyone to feel as though they haven't had the very best that I can offer. I'm a fan of keeping things simple, and would hate for any of my clients to feel as though I hadn't given their day my all! What I will do is cover your wedding day from Bridal preparation in the morning, right through until the party gets started just after the first dance, making sure that I capture all of the moments and document every part of your day along the way. I don't charge travel expenses within a 50 mile radius of Sunderland. I personally edit all of the images in my signature style using professional imaging software, and will provide a complete set of high resolution images on a USB, typically between 300 and 400 pictures in total. I will meet with you both before your big day to go through all of the details and ensure that everything runs smoothly, and most importantly I offer a friendly and professional service at every step of the way. How much does all of this cost? The price is £595 for weddings booked  before April 2017. 

***Discount for members of HM Forces & Emergency Services***


I offer beautiful Italian made albums, designed to your specification. I have to say that I love albums, as there is nothing quite like seeing your pictures in print, but I definitely won't be pushing for you to buy one. The hard sell is not my style. You can let me know if you would like an album at any time, you won't have to decide at the time of booking. The price of your album is dependent on the size, number of pages and the materials used, and I would be happy to go through this with you and provide a quote whenever suits you. See my album page for further details.


I offer couple`s a pre-wedding/engagement shoot, with a framed signing board from Loxley Colour, mounted with a print of your choice from the session. You will be provided with an online gallery to download the digital images from the day. Price £150


I can offer bespoke prices for couples that do not want the full days coverage, please get in touch for a quote.

A booking fee of £95 is required to secure your date. Remaining balance is required 1 month prior to your wedding day. Fully insured, both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

If you are totally satisfied with your wedding photography, then please recommend my services to other couples. Any positive bookings coming directly from your recommendations, then your deposit will be refunded in full. 

For all enquiries either use my contact page, FB page or alternatively call me on my mobile 07949 430475

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